Diffusion Kinetics

New type of sample washing 

Our sample preparation techniques ensure the market’s fastest and most gentle sample purification with the highest yields. It has been tested with RNA and DNA from patient samples and in less than 2 minutes it produces better results than standard sample prep robotics does in 40 minutes

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Integrated Ultra Rapid Sample Preparation from any sample volume to Ultra Rapid Real-time PCR Diagnostics total time less than 6 minutes

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Intuitive interface with fast responsive features. Quick features for fast runs of routine operations.

The Most Powerful Embedded Software For Biological Devices.

Say hello to OS BIOV.

Tuned for biological protocol execution

BIOV INSIDE is a term that means more than it says. Our many engineering hours to optimize biological protocol execution, fast data search and data compression combined with innovative solutions to real biological and medical experimental problems makes the OS BIOV a strong partner hidden behind the scenes

Built for endurance

BIOV INSIDE – more than you think !

Instrument Design

The mechanical design of the RAPDx system is a result of many years of tailoring of performance with a compact and functional design taking minimum space on a lab bench

5 Year Guarantee!

Our systems come with extended manufacturers guarantee of 5 years

Quality & Endurance.

Making things in metals and other long term durable materials gives an other touch of the machine but it also gives operational robustness and resistance against long-term wear and tear.

RAPDx Documentation

Data can be released under NDA and a signed partnership agreement



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RAPDx Systems with exemption for clinical validation

Limited amount of systems available for evaluation under a partnership agreement

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